How to Add Emoji to Slack

In today’s fast-paced digital workplace, effective communication is crucial for team collaboration and productivity. While Slack provides a robust platform for messaging and collaboration, sometimes words alone aren’t enough to convey emotions, tone, or context. 

That’s where emoji come in – they add a visual element to communication that can enhance understanding, express emotions, and foster a sense of camaraderie among team members. 

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore how to leverage the power of emoji in Slack to enrich your team’s communication experience.

Why Add Emoji to Slack?

Emojis have become an integral part of modern communication, transcending language barriers and adding nuance to text-based conversations. Here’s why you should consider incorporating emoji into your Slack messages:

Expressiveness: Emojis allow you to convey emotions, reactions, and tone in a concise and visually engaging way.

Clarity: Emojis can help provide context or emphasis to your messages, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

Engagement: Incorporating emojis into your messages can make them more visually appealing and engaging, encouraging active participation from team members.

Getting Started: Customized Emoji

Slack allows you to add custom emojis to your workspace, giving you the flexibility to personalize your communication. Follow these steps to add your custom emoji:

1. Access the Emoji Picker

Click on the smiley face icon in the message field from your desktop or mobile device.

2. Adding Custom Emoji

  • Click “Add emoji” in the emoji picker.
  • Upload a square image (under 128KB) with a transparent background in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.
  • Give your emoji a descriptive name for easy identification.
  • Save your custom emoji, and it will be accessible to all members of your workspace.

3. Removing Custom Emoji

  • Navigate to workspace settings and select the Emoji tab.
  • Locate the custom emoji you want to remove and click the delete icon.
  • Confirm the deletion to remove the emoji from your workspace.

Enhancing Variety: Emoji Packs

In addition to custom emoji, Slack offers emoji packs – curated collections of emoji designed specifically for Slack users. Here’s how to add emoji packs to your workspace:

1. Access the Emoji Picker

  • Click on the smiley face icon in the message field.

2. Adding Emoji Packs

  • Click “Add emoji” in the emoji picker.
  • Navigate to the Emoji packs tab.
  • Choose from a selection of available emoji packs.
  • Click “Add pack” to incorporate the selected emoji pack into your workspace.

3. Removing Emoji Packs

  • Owners and admins have the ability to remove emoji packs from the workspace.
  • Access the emoji picker, go to the Emoji packs tab, and select the pack you want to remove.
  • Click “Remove pack” to remove the selected emoji pack from your workspace.

Personal Touch: Emoji Aliases

Emoji aliases allow you to create custom codes for frequently used emoji, making it easier to insert them into your messages. Here’s how to create emoji aliases in Slack:

1. Access Workspace Settings

  • Click on your workspace name at the top left corner of the Slack interface.

2. Creating an Emoji Alias

  • Select “Customise [workspace name]” from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose “Add alias” and click “Choose emoji.”
  • Select an emoji from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter a custom alias for the emoji code to use in messages.
  • Save your emoji alias for easy access in future messages.


Incorporating emojis into your Slack messages can significantly enhance your team’s communication experience, fostering a more expressive, engaging, and collaborative workspace. 

Whether you choose to add custom emojis, explore emoji packs, or create personalized emoji aliases, Slack provides a range of options to suit your team’s preferences and communication style. So why wait? 

Start adding emojis to your Slack messages today and unlock a new dimension of expressiveness in your team’s conversations.


Can all members use custom emoji in Slack?

By default, all members except guests can use custom emoji in Slack.

What file formats are supported for custom emoji?

Custom emoji in Slack can be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

Can I remove custom emoji from my workspace?

Workspace owners, admins, and org owners/admins can delete custom emoji. Members can only delete emoji they’ve added.

Who can add emoji packs to a Slack workspace?

Owners, admins, and members with permission can add emoji packs to a Slack workspace.

Is it possible to remove individual emoji from an emoji pack?

No, it’s not possible to remove individual emoji from an emoji pack in Slack.

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