Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife

When it comes to beachfront hotels, Tenerife is a paradise. Situated in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the destination offers an idyllic mix of pristine beaches, diverse flora and fauna, natural beauty, and fascinating history. With something for everyone – from energetic, family-friendly activities to serene moments of solitude at dawn – Tenerife has something to offer all types of travelers. Beachfront hotels in Tenerife provide the perfect setting for enjoyable and carefree vacations with remarkable views that allow you to truly appreciate and experience the beauty of this incredible island.

Whether you choose to spend time basking in the sunshine on a beach lounger or take a leisurely stroll along washed shores at night, these accommodations will make your vacation restful and unforgettable – guaranteed! From a relaxing retreat among softly crashing waves close up or cosying up by a beach campfire under stunning starry skies farther away – amazing moments await at any of the beachfront hotels in Tenerife! Ensure your stay on this stunning island is as comfortable as can be- book your stay at any one of Tenerife’s Beachfront Hotels today!

Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife

1. Iberostar Bouganville Playa

When visiting Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife, the Iberostar Bouganville Playa should be on the list of contenders. Located right on the beach and boasting stunning views, this hotel has everything you need for a memorable vacation experience. Relax and soak up the sun by one of its many pools, or escape down to the beach directly from your terrace. An indoor pool is also located in the lobby area so visitors can enjoy swimming year-round.

When heading out to explore Tenerife, an array of activities await; some of which are included in room rates like snorkeling and water sports at a neighbouring waterfront centre. The hotel is home to five restaurants featuring both buffet-style options and à la carte cuisine for those looking for a sit-down dinner experience. In addition, there’s a wide selection of drinks available at multiple bars located around the property.

According to Tripadvisor reviews, this beachfront hotel offers unbelievable customer service and modern amenities cooked up with traditional Canarian style to make your holiday feel as special as it can get! So if you’re looking for Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife, then make sure you check out the Iberostar Bouganville Playa for yet another unforgettable vacation experience!

2. Gran Melia Palacio de Isora

Gran Melia Palacio de Isora is one of the most popular Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife and it is easy to see why. This stunning resort offers direct access to the beach and boasts some of the finest panoramic views of the ocean that you can find anywhere. Inside, guests will find spacious, well-appointed rooms each with its own private balcony to enjoy the incredible views that come with staying here.

The hotel’s grounds are set amidst lush gardens, with winding pathways offering a blissful escape from reality. Top restaurant bars serve cuisine from around the world, while day beds set on manicured grounds provide an ideal spot for lounging away an afternoon. Whatever one’s vacation goals may be, Gran Melia Palacio de Isora offers an experience that cannot be duplicated elsewhere–its picturesque beachfront location ensures a luxurious escape for all who visit.

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Beachfront Hotels

It’s no wonder that those seeking Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife turn to Gran Melia first! With something for everyone, this extraordinary resort is sure to leave vacationers wanting more. For those looking to make their Beachfront Hotel dreams into a reality, Gran Melia Palacio de Isora awaits!

3. Iberostar Selection Anthelia

A top-rated Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife, Iberostar Selection Anthelia provides an unbeatable experience for any traveler seeking relaxation and adventure. With multiple pools and a beautifully located beachfront just a short walk away, Iberostar Selection Anthelia makes it easy to explore the stunning beaches of Tenerife.

The hotel also offers plenty of activities for guests to enjoy, including swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing and more. Moreover, the friendly and helpful staff will help you during your stay ensuring you have a pleasant and memorable experience. Additionally, the hotel facilities are updated regularly making sure that your taste remains current even after several visits – a big plus when traveling on budget.

With all this in mind, this establishment provides convenience at its best – a perfect spot to spend your sunny seaside holiday! So check out TripAdvisor today and plan your quintessential Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife getaway; you definitely won’t regret it!

4. Iberostar Selection Sabila

Beachfront hotels in Tenerife are a special treat! With its crystal-clear waters and golden sand beaches, this idyllic destination has something for everyone. The Iberostar Selection Sabila is one of the finest Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife. Sitting directly on the beach and surrounded by lush gardens, the hotel offers many options for outdoor fun and relaxation.

Guests can stroll along the seafront promenade or take a dip in the pool while taking in stunning views of El Médano Beach. The nearby town of Adeje features stylish restaurants, nightclubs, night markets and museums, providing plenty to do during your stay. If you’d prefer to just relax, you can also enjoy luxurious spa services at the hotel itself. This grand hotel with its wonderful beachside ambiance is sure to make your trip to Tenerife unforgettable.

Tripadvisor reviews rate the Iberostar Selection Sabila as 5 stars out of 5 stars – a testament to its quality accommodation and excellent service staff. Whether you want an active holiday by day or a quiet dinner on beautiful Mediterranean shores by evening, this Beachfront Hotel in Tenerife promises it all!

5. Iberostar Grand El Mirador

Beachfront hotels come in all shapes and sizes, but none have quite the same charm as Iberostar Grand El Mirador in Tenerife. Sitting like a fortress looking out to sea, its modern design is full of character and pristine luxury.

There are plenty of attractive features around the hotel that make it stand out from the crowd, such as its private beach with umbrellas and ‘chill-out’ areas for sun seekers. The facilities also have plenty to offer; from swimming pools to spa treatments, you could spend days exploring its beauty and grandeur. Beach lovers can hire sun loungers onsite or take a dip in one of two infinity pools looking out over the waves.

For those wanting more restful entertainment, the casino and golf course will provide just what’s needed! What’s even better is that guests can enjoy all these wonderful amenities while still having easy access to other nearby attractions – truly making Iberostar Grand El Mirador one of the best beachfront hotels in Tenerife hands down. With TripAdvisor advice in your back pocket, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing stay here!

6. Dreams Jardin Tropical

Dreams Jardin Tropical Beachfront Hotel offers a unique getaway experience on the beautiful island of Tenerife. Guests are welcomed with views of the Atlantic Ocean and hearty palms from the terrace, captivating sunsets over the Mount Teide Volcano in the distance. The property nestles gracefully within its tropical surroundings, softly situated between sandy beaches and lush foliage.

Located in one of the most privileged spots near Playa de Las Americas, Dreams Jardin provides spectacular ocean views from all sides of the hotel, with easy access to breathtaking natural settings. Offering modern amenities such as an indoor pool, gymnasium and spa centre, guests can choose to stay either by their private balconies or use the various services available to enjoy a truly relaxed and comfortable stay. Dreams Jardin Beachfront Hotel is one of Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife sure to make your family beach holiday a success.

With its perfect backdrop of palm trees swaying rhythmically by Beachside Beach bars and friendly staff always willing to go above and beyond for you this will be a Dream Vacation! So remember Dreams Jardin Beachfront Hotel when it comes to booking Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife!

7. H10 Conquistador

For a luxurious and unforgettable beachfront experience, look no further than the H10 Conquistador on the sunny island of Tenerife. Located right in the heart of Playa de las Americas, the H10 Conquistador offers premium lodging just steps away from some of the best beaches in Canary Islands.

The hotel is renowned for its classic Mediterranean architecture, with beautifully furnished rooms that afford stunning views of the nearby coastlines and nighttime skyline so you can end your day in style. With an on-site heated pool and garden, as well as numerous additional amenities such as spa services, gym access, sauna, healthy Thai restaurant and more – you will always have plenty to do at the H10 Conquistador! Guests have not been shy about singing this Beachfront Hotel’s praises either: from its unrivaled location to impeccably attentive service staff – it’s clear why this Beachfront Hotel in Tenerife is one of TripAdvisor’s top-rated properties!

Whether for business or pleasure – the inviting atmosphere and superior hospitality of the H10 Conquistador are enough to tempt even the most seasoned travelers. So come and experience all that this Beachfront property has to offer today!

8. RedLevel at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora

Beachfront hotels are often the holidaymaker’s dream and that is definitely true of RedLevel at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora. This luxurious, 5-star complex is situated in Tenerife’s idyllic Playa San Marcos, which boasts crystal clear waters and soft golden sands. The hotel features a number of amenities to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay, including all the usual trimmings of a luxury hotel like spa access, restaurants, and pools. It also has direct beach access from an exclusive area with luxury daybeds and furniture that provide unlimited hours of relaxation.

TripAdvisor guests rate RedLevel at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora as one of the best Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife; an experience that becomes even more enhanced thanks to its iconic sunset views on offer for residents walking along the beachfront. From sleep under stars events to dance nights, there’s always something happening here or you can simply relax in your resort surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil pool areas! Needless to say; this is one Beachfront Hotel and Beach not to be missed.

9. Barcelo Tenerife

Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife are some of the most sought after accommodation on this idyllic island. The Barcelo Tenerife is an incredibly popular choice for travelers seeking a stay near the beach. Located directly on the Beach de la Tejita Beach in El Médano Beach, this hotel promises breathtaking sunsets, crystal-clear waters and endless relaxation. With three levels featuring suites, double and single rooms, there is something to suit all needs from those looking for a romantic getaway to families looking for fun under the sun. All rooms come equipped with a comfortable king size bed, full bathrooms and beautiful terraces that open up onto the ocean view.

The resort’s pool overlooks the sand and offers plenty of shaded areas should you wish to take a break from the sun or sip on a refreshing cocktail as you unwind with some lounging chair. For guests seeking anything exciting fitness areas or yoga classes can be enjoyed at no extra fee! If that wasn’t enough, Barcelo Tenerife also boasts 4 restaurants serving cuisine both local and international so you will never be short of delicious options during your stay!

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed holiday or some quality downtime in paradise – Book yourself into Beachfront Hotels in Tenerife: Barcelo Tenerife – now to make your seaside dreams become reality!

10. Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife

Beachfront hotels in Tenerife enjoy prime real estate with panoramic vistas at every opportunity. One of the best beachfronts on the island, however, is found at the Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife. According to Tripadvisor reviews, this hotel combines everything that a sun worshipper could ever desire: sprawling grounds crowned by a magnificent pool and surrounded by covered terraces; a golden Beach Club Beach that washes up onto white sandy shores; and rooms flooded with natural sunlight. Stretching from one horizon to the other, the Beach Club Beach offers an ample selection of activities including sun loungers and parasols, beach volleyball courts, jet skiing opportunities and more.

With plenty of refreshment kiosks about as well as private cabins for bathing and changing into your swimwear onsite, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable time at this luxurious hotel’s beachfront. No matter what type of vacation you seek in Tenerife, a stay at this stunning Riu property will surely be complete with its serene atmosphere and blissful amenities.


Tenerife, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa, has become renowned for its beautiful beaches and luxurious beachfront hotels. The former ‘Island of Eternal Springtime’ is a favourite destination among tourists and locals alike, offering stunning landscapes and an array of activities to explore. Beachfront hotels in Tenerife offer visitors luxury accommodation alongside breathtaking views of the ocean. Guests can relax on comfortable beds while listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore just outside their balcony door.

Furthermore, each hotel is designed to immerse guests in nature’s alluring wonders and provide an escape from stress and worries. All-in-all, tenerifes’s beachfront hotels make for an idyllic holiday experience that draws travellers back time and time again. Whether you are searching for a relaxing or adrenaline-filled vacation spot -Tenerife has something unique to offer everyone who visits her shores. So go explore ‘the island of eternal springtime’ and discover a paradise all your own!