How to Set a Reminder in Slack

In today’s fast-paced work environment, juggling multiple tasks and deadlines is a common challenge. Fortunately, Slack provides a powerful solution to help you stay organized and on top of your responsibilities – reminders. 

With Slack reminders, you can effortlessly schedule notifications for yourself or your team members, ensuring that important tasks and deadlines are never forgotten. 

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about setting reminders in Slack, from understanding who can use this feature to mastering advanced techniques for efficient time management.

Understanding Who Can Use Reminders

Before diving into the specifics of setting reminders in Slack, it’s essential to understand who can leverage this feature:

  • All members of a Slack workspace can set reminders for themselves.
  • Guests, while limited in their permissions, can still set reminders for themselves.
  • Reminders are available across all subscription plans, making this feature accessible to all users.

Getting Started with Setting Reminders

Whether you’re using the desktop or mobile app, setting reminders in Slack is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:


  • Access the message field and type “/remind” or select it from the shortcuts menu.
  • Specify the recipient (“yourself” or a specific #channel), the task or event, and the date and time for the reminder.
  • Send your message to schedule the reminder, and Slack will notify you or the designated recipient at the specified time.


  • Access the shortcuts menu on your mobile device and follow the same steps as on the desktop to set a reminder.

Example Reminder Formats

To provide clarity on how to structure your reminders effectively, let’s explore some example formats:

  • Personal Reminder: “/remind me Complete weekly report by Friday at 3:00 PM.”
  • Channel Reminder: “/remind #marketing Team brainstorming session tomorrow at 10:00 AM.”

Leveraging Advanced Reminders Features

Slack offers several advanced features to enhance the functionality of reminders:

  • Reminding Yourself About a Message or File: Hover over a message or file, click the three dots icon, and select “Remind me about this” to schedule a reminder based on the content.
  • Setting Your Default Reminder Time: Customize your default reminder time in Slack preferences to streamline the reminder-setting process.
  • Managing Reminders: View and manage your reminders by accessing the “Later” view, where you can mark reminders as complete, delete them, or adjust their due dates.

Best Practices for Effective Reminder Management

To maximize the benefits of Slack reminders, consider implementing the following best practices:

  • Consistency: Establish a routine for setting reminders and regularly review your upcoming tasks to stay organized.
  • Clear Communication: When setting reminders for team channels, ensure that your messages are concise and indicate the task or event.
  • Accountability: Take ownership of your reminders and follow through on scheduled tasks to maintain productivity and accountability.


Setting reminders in Slack is a valuable tool for optimizing time management and enhancing productivity in the workplace. 

By understanding the basics of setting reminders, leveraging advanced features, and implementing best practices for effective reminder management, you can streamline your workflow, reduce the risk of missed deadlines, and stay focused on achieving your goals. 

Whether you’re managing personal tasks or collaborating with a team, Slack reminders offer a flexible and intuitive solution for staying organized and efficient in today’s dynamic work environment.


Can guests in a Slack workspace set reminders for other members or channels?

No, guests can only set reminders for themselves and cannot set reminders for other members or channels.

Is it possible to set recurring reminders in Slack?

Yes, you can set reminders to repeat by the day (e.g., every Monday), but not in time increments (e.g., every hour).

Can I customize the default reminder time in Slack?

Yes, you can customize your default reminder time in Slack preferences to align with your preferred schedule.

How do I view and manage reminders for a specific channel in Slack?

Type “/remind list” in the message field and send the message to the channel to view and manage reminders for that particular channel.

Can I dismiss reminders in Slack if I need more time to complete a task?

Yes, you can mark reminders as complete, delete them, adjust their due dates, or snooze them for a specified period.

Can recurring reminders be marked as complete in Slack?

No, it’s not possible to mark recurring reminders as complete, but you can delete them if needed.

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